Prenatal Care Appointments are Available in Clayton and Questa

Prenatal Care Visits in Clayton and Questa

Whether this is your first pregnancy or not, it is very important to schedule a prenatal visit with your health care provider. Every pregnancy is unique and the first visit with a health care provider will help keep you and your baby healthy. Roams has helped establish a network of care workers in Northeastern New Mexico to help pregnant women access health care services.

Clayton & Questa

If you are pregnant and live close to Clayton or Questa, you may have access to prenatal services closer to home. The Union County Health Center in Clayton and the Questa Health clinic both offer prenatal care options so that you don’t need to drive to Taos or Raton for your OB health care checkups. For more information, choose your location below.

Taos & Raton

If you live closer to Taos or Raton you can access services from the following locations.