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TeleMFM services are available in Northeastern New Mexico.

Pregnant women living in rural New Mexico often face long drives for pregnancy-related medical visits. If they are facing an at-risk pregnancy they may need to frequently travel to find an OBGYN that specializes in Maternal-Fetal Medicine (MFM). It is not uncommon for a pregnant mom in rural New Mexico to have to drive at least 3 hours to visit a specialist and often times the commute is substantially longer.

Luckily there have been many technological advancements that allow women who are experiencing at-risk pregnancies to access specialized care without having to make the arduous and sometimes dangerous commutes. For pregnant women and new mothers that live in Northeastern New Mexico, the ROAMS program has been working closely with hospitals and care providers in Taos, Questa, Raton, and Clayton to offer TeleMaternal-Fetal Medicine options.

TeleMFM services allow pregnant women to visit a Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialist from the office of their OBGYN or primary care physician. This means shorter drives for appointments and it also means that mothers experiencing at-risk pregnancies have access to a wider variety of specialists. If you live in rural New Mexico, your options for specialists are not just limited to the nearest city.

TeleMFM shortens travel time, offers access to a wider variety of specialists, and it is available to pregnant women in Taos County, Colfax County, Mora County, Union County, and Harding County.

TeleMFM services may be available to pregnant women from the following hospitals and clinics:

  • Miners Colfax Medical Center – Raton
  • Questa Health Center – Questa
  • Union General Hospital – Clayton
  • Women’s Health Institute – Taos

If you live in Northeastern New Mexico and would like more information about telehealth options contact one of our Family Navigators.


For help accessing TeleMaternal-Fetal Medicine services in your area, contact one of our family navigators. Their support is completely free.

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