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Prenatal Telehealth Services in Clayton & Raton

What are Prenatal Telehealth Services?

It is now possible for pregnant women in Northeastern New Mexico to have a virtual visit with their doctor in Raton. These sessions are hosted at the Union County General Hospital. Home telehealth kits may also be available so that these prenatal visits can happen from the comfort of their own home.

Schedule your prenatal appointment today by calling the Union County General Hospital in Clayton at: (575) 374-2273

Prenatal, Pregnancy & OB Appointments are Available in Clayton

A prenatal telehealth clinic is located at the Union County Health Center (UCHC) in Clayton (314 N. 3rd Ave.), so you can get the care you need closer to home.

The Union County Health Center has state-of-the-art pregnancy-related equipment including a new ultrasound machine, vitals machine, and fetal heart rate monitor. You can now visit with your Miners Colfax Medical Center practitioner at the Union County Health Center via virtual telehealth appointments.

To schedule an office-to-office appointment, speak with a member of the Union County Health Center team:
(575) 374-2273

Virtual and in-person care, and free services:

  • Office-to-office telehealth appointments
    Visit the OB Telehealth Clinic at Union County Health Center and connect virtually with Miners Colfax Medical Center practitioners and other high-risk pregnancy specialists. Learn more about telehealth services for pregnant women >

  • Home telehealth kits from ROAMS (including a free tablet)
    Meet with your prenatal practitioner from home. The telehealth kits will include automatic reporting of blood pressure, oxygen, and weight, plus a glucometer and fetal heart rate monitor, as well as educational videos and reminders. (Telehealth visits are not meant to replace your important in-person visits, but will help with additional monitoring to make sure mom and baby are both healthy).

  • Free ROAMS Family Navigator assistance
    Helping with your family’s needs, Home Visiting enrollment, and more! Meet Laura Rodriguez, the Family Navigator in your region.

  • Free breastfeeding consultation
    A consultant will be available to you for as long as you need to support breastfeeding. Call Laura Rodriguez at (505) 787-4065 to get more information on lactation consultants in your region.

We are committed to healthy moms and babies and are excited to have the opportunity to provide you with 21st Century state of art care closer to your home!

To schedule an office-to-office appointment, speak with a member of the Union County Health Center team:
(575) 374-2273